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Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 1163 Reviews

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Shower Filter Review by Stoycho Atanasov on 08/12/2019

THe product is very good. Nice, clean and compact design. The best of it the easy fit and the easy cartridge replacement

Shower Filter Review by Patrick Heneghan on 02/12/2019

Good filters nice soft hair.

Shower Filter Review by Linda Stompedissel on 29/11/2019

Really good product, noticeably softer water and not altered our water pressure at all. Also excellent customer service.

Shower Filter Review by Kevin Saunders on 27/11/2019

Arrived on time & is very easy to fit to existing filter housing.

Shower Filter Review by Pauline Chester on 26/11/2019

Excellent product. So easy to replace cartridge. Must remember to change it more often!

Shower Filter Review by phillip harrison on 29/10/2019

Fantastic water softener. Dry itchy skin after showering in an extremely hard water area, a thing of the past.

Shower Filter Review by Nicky Boyd on 03/10/2019

Easy to order, quick to be delivered & I can really notice the difference in my hair and skin from the softer water

Easy and smooth by Daniela on 03/10/2019

Smooth feeling on the skin. Very good water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by Michelle on 02/10/2019

We bought a new house on washing our hair it was still sticky I googled and found this filter it’s 100% improved our shower my hair and children’s hair is so much softer

Shower Filter Review by Britt Wikström on 02/10/2019

very good *****

Shower Filter Review by Michael Brown on 01/10/2019

very good softens the water

Excellent product. Repeat purchase is a must. by Carole. on 29/09/2019

Really pleased with this product. It definitely makes a difference.

Shower Filter Review by Lambert Coultrup on 05/05/2019

Since purchasing this filter unit ! It’s made a terrific difference with limescale, well worth the money.

Shower Filter Review by Michael Butcher on 02/05/2019

The filter seems to do the job thanks

Shower Filter Review by Shari Neyland on 29/04/2019

..absolutely wonderful. .I can no longer smell chlorine!

Shower Filter Review by Machaela Bryan on 28/04/2019

Makes the hard water feel smooth and soft

Shower Filter Review by Alan Coffey on 26/04/2019

An excellent product. Also, super fast delivery to Ireland.

Shower Filter Review by Christian Norman on 24/04/2019

Exactly what the product description states.

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Bond on 22/04/2019

My skin was dry and irritated after moving house in a new town. When I got the shower filter it instantly improved. When my skin dried out and I realised I needed to replace the filter, Instant relief and skin soft and normal. No more itching.

Shower Filter Review by Julie Lee on 22/04/2019

I am delighted with this product. It was so easy to install and I noticed the benefits immediately on my skin and hair.

Shower Filter Review by Henrietta Soffe on 21/04/2019

We have used these compact shower filter cartridges for several years now and find them excellent.

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Gardner on 21/04/2019


Shower Filter Review by Charlie Wu on 17/04/2019

I live in a block and a filter is a must as the water is so hard in the area I live. Less time cleaning limescale and better water for my skin. Def recommend.

Shower Filter Review by Mary Clarke on 17/04/2019

Works brilliantly and lasts longer than I thought it would.

Shower Filter Review by Eileen Elks on 09/04/2019

Easy to fit, works well

Shower Filter Review by jemima Stevens on 08/04/2019

Make sure you measure the tap it is fitting to and get the measurements from manufacturer as we had to saw off the end of the plastic bit that straps to the taps as it was too long so we couldn't fit it! Other than that it works wonderfully.

Shower Filter Review by Ann Kent on 03/04/2019

Easy to fit on my shower. We have noticed a difference already on our hair and skin. Well worth the purchase.

Shower Filter Review by Joy Taylor on 30/03/2019

Excellent product

Shower Filter Review by Amanda Collins on 23/03/2019

Love it. Has made such a difference on my hair. Much less dry and coarse now.

Shower Filter Review by linda stompedissel on 22/03/2019

seems to make my hair softer and shinier.

Excellent filter by Brian K on 17/03/2019

Product arrived quickly and had no problem fitting it in only a few minutes. Water seems softer already and now there are no hard-water smears on the glass shower enclosure.

Shower Filter Review by Petros Demetriou on 11/03/2019

excellent product that filters out all the harmful staff

Excellent would buy again by Nick Fyall on 10/03/2019

very good filter we have noticed some difference our skin seems to be better and shower head stays cleaner from scale build up

Shower Filter Review by Jana Djatsok on 09/03/2019

No more dry, flaky, chalky skin for me!!!

Shower Filter Review by Robert Pauley on 28/02/2019

Me and my wife live in a very hard water area fitted the shower filter and we felt the difference straight away very impressed

Shower Filter Review by karen hilleard on 21/02/2019

Excellent product,I live on a farm with very hard water. This filter makes the water so much softer .

5 stars shower filter by Beverley Carrington on 18/02/2019

brilliant system i had purchased one before from another company and this filter and the service i received was excellent

very good value for money by phillip harrison on 11/02/2019

Excellent. Hard water area we live in left your skin quite dry after a shower. This has made a fantastic difference.

Shower Filter Review by Katy Jones on 24/01/2019

Has improved baby’s dry skin from hard water

Shower Filter Review by Paulo Zenari on 20/01/2019

Simply excellent!

Shower Filter Review by melissa fairbanks on 16/01/2019

Seems to work fine - and I'm happy to have chlorine free baths!

Shower Filter Review by Joy Taylor on 07/01/2019

Excellent product. It has already made such a difference to my skin & hair.

Shower Filter Review by H Mayland on 04/01/2019

We have used this filter for 3 years now and it certainly improves the quality of the water.It feels softer and it is nice to know that it gets rid of a lot of chemicals and bacteria. We will continue to use it. Many thanks to a very reliable company.

Great by Penny Stuart on 15/12/2018

Excellent product

Shower Filter Review by Bernard Stanbridge on 15/12/2018

Easy to fit into shower assembly. Surprised that whole unit not much more expensive than purchasing filters only though.

Hand held Shower by Filiz Roberts on 11/12/2018

I am just new to this. The hand held shower seems to leave hair softer.

Shower Filter Review by Luisa Gissi on 23/11/2018

good product, fast delivery

Shower Filter Review by Steven on 22/11/2018

Very good & very effective for anyone who has hard water You feel the difference straight away You don’t need so much soap and shampoo & hair and skin feel great Thanks again

Shower Filter Review by Kristin Nilsson on 11/07/2018

very good

I like this one by Katarina Lind on 02/07/2018

I'm very satisfied with this product. In Swedish: Jag är mycket nöjd med denna produkt. Härligt dusch vatten blir det.

Shower Filter Review by Katarina on 13/02/2018

Fast delivery and I think I feel the difference when I take a shower now. And that is a good feeling

Shower Filter Review by Camilla on 16/01/2018

I haven't tryed it yet, but it was simpel to install in the shower.

Shower Filter Review by Lena Hövre on 12/12/2016

Väldigt lättanvänd och gör vattnet mycket mjukare, enda nackdelen är en något förvirrande hemsida annars är jag väldigt nöjd med produkten och snabbhet i leverans, Lena

Shower Filter Review by Jane on 12/09/2016

Dusch och service toppen!

Shower Filter Review by Katarina Lind on 29/03/2016

Quick service and a good product! Bra och snabb service och en mycket bra produkt. You can really feel the difference! Pure joy!

Shower Filter Review by Steven on 28/01/2016

Thanks , The filter has made such a difference to my water!

DuschFilter.se is ranked 4.75 out of 5. Based on 1163 user reviews.