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Very happy by K.Z on 05/11/2023

Very happy with the purchase! :)

helped my sensitive skin by Lesley H on 29/10/2023

The shower filter has helped my sensitive skin which was reacting to chloramine in the water It also helps stop my hair from drying out. Amazing product!

definitely worth the money by Khadi Swaray on 28/10/2023

Makes an amazing difference to skin, it’s definitely worth the money for the benefits it provides.

Shower Filter very efficient by Eliane Faria lima on 27/10/2023

The water is much softer in our shower now. Very pleased with the product.

Very good by Lisa on 25/10/2023

This shower sprays water perfectly.

Shower Filter Review by Jørn Lynge Marcussen on 21/10/2023

it is the 2nd filter I have bought and I am satisfied

Water is softer by Barbara Hollingsworth on 19/10/2023

Very happy with this shower filter. Water is softer and my shampoo lathers at last!!

suffering with dry scalp by mick allen on 17/10/2023

purchased as my wife has been suffering with dry scalp for a while, been in place for a few weeks and she said it has definately helped,

no stingy eyes anymore by Angela Rayner on 14/10/2023

My hair and skin are feeling so much calmer and no stingy eyes anymore!

improvement to hair and scalp by David Currie on 10/10/2023

Fairly immediate improvement to my hair and scalp. Just what I'd hoped for.

Mycket bra by Marie on 08/10/2023

mycket bra Rekommenderar

Best shower by Jon-paul Smith-Watson on 06/10/2023

Best shower I ever had

Shower Filter Review by Ruth Weeks on 29/09/2023

Bought shower head filter as on private water supply which makes my blonde hair turn greenish and the hairdresser thinks may be causing breakage so will wait and see if this does what it says on the website fingers crossed as cheaper than moving which was what my hairdresser suggested ! Lol

Works well once the new filters are installed by Michael D on 27/09/2023

I found it very difficult to remove the old filters from the housing. However it works well once the new filters are installed.

It really works. by Dr. K Gupta on 23/09/2023

It really works. I'm very happy with it.

Shower Filter Review by April Dunnett on 18/09/2023

Yes, I like the product especially knowing that the level of toxins is much lower than from the tap water - my only wish would be for a larger spray area - my previous shower head was a rain-style one. You probably do one but I haven't had time to look.

Shower Filter Review by Sanghamitra Paul on 12/09/2023

I have had no issues with your products and your timely deliveries. I trust it so much. Thank you for maintaining the level of service you provide.

Good quality by Guntis Upenieks on 31/08/2023

Good quality, I am satisfied with the filters after washing my hair, they are softer, 100% support from my wife.

Very good shower head by Sharon Freeman on 31/08/2023

Very good shower head improved the pressure even on the summer setting, water also seems a lot softer.

Shower Filter Review by steve Hayfield on 29/08/2023

never knew shower could be so different by just changing the shower head

Shower Filter Review by Jana on 29/08/2023

Too soon to tell about any impact on my skin or hair. Shower head is quite large and heavy with various massage options. Didn't lower my shower pressure. Over-all my water pressure in my old Victorian flat is not the best but I can only imagine what a beast this shower head must be with the correct water flow! Easy to install and change the cartridge. No leaks.

Brilliant shower head! by Robert Cheer on 25/08/2023

Brilliant shower head!

Shower Filter Review by Derek Wood on 24/08/2023

It certainly makes for a fresher experience and significantly helps to remove the excessive chlorine odour that has became the norm with our Southern water supply.

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Poole on 22/08/2023

Seems fine. The shower has always been good.

Shower Filter Review by Coreen Allen on 18/08/2023

Good customer service. Delivered on time. Haven't yet attached shower so can't yet comment on product.

Shower Filter Review by Pat Philip on 16/08/2023

Love, love it!

Shower Filter Review by anonymous on 16/08/2023

Best thing I have bought should have done it ages ago great price fast delivery have noticed difference immediately my mums getting one my son and telling everyone else to

Shower Filter Review by Richard B on 07/08/2023

We have problem with hard water and show glass is a constant battle to keep clean, with the new shower head we are not having that problem any more. Also it has cut our water usage down so good lower water bills :)

Shower Filter Review by Jayne Brown on 04/08/2023

Very good item.

good product by Juv on 28/07/2023

my skin always improves when i shower with this and avoid baths. wish i could get a house filter but not in a position to do that, so this does a good job at a very reasonable price. would recommend.

Good product by S.G on 21/07/2023

Good product and fast delivery. Would recommend

The Pure Showers team always comeback with answers quickly by Ashley Dyer on 13/07/2023

Always when I have a product question, The Pure Showers team always comeback with answers quickly. So, I can confidently make purchase decisions.

Shower Filter Review by Matthias McDonagh on 13/07/2023

No problems

Worth investing. by Peter Harvey on 13/07/2023

Makes our water feel softer, and reduces limescale.

Softens water, increases flow rate by stacey evans on 12/07/2023

We’ve now used it for a number of showers and we both feel that it softens water, increases flow rate without stinging the skin. I use less of the shampoo and shower gel so that’s a good thing.

Shower Filter Review by Cecelia TINNEY on 09/07/2023

Great product and fast delivery

Great! (Could do w/ a changeable spray type). by Vahid Djalily on 07/07/2023

Water definitely feels cleaner to the touch so really like the product in that regard. When I first got it, the spray was great but as the water pressure changed the spray wasn’t as good (direct). A changeable spray type shower head would be great!

Great product by trevor Cook on 06/07/2023

Water so much smoother, Great product

This is absolutely fantastic. by Adam on 06/07/2023

I ordered the shower head filter some years back, and couldn’t find a shower rail with holder strong enough to take the weight of the shower head. After much wasted time, money and effort. I remember accepting another shower head, lighter, less costly, and the size of a dinner plate, which I never tried to attach. It’s in the shed still in its box. I don’t think this product was available back then ? This is absolutely fantastic. Makes such a difference to the softness and quality of the water. My skin and hair are no longer so dry. I used to have to buy very expensive shower wash for dry skin, and smother myself in moisturising cream after each shower. Whilst on occasion, I still use moisturising cream. This has made such a huge difference. And so easy to fix in. I got the spanner’s out the shed, expecting a headache trying to plumb it in without leaks, and didn’t need the spanner’s. I was able to tighten with my fingers, and no leaks. I wish I’d bought one when I first new they where available.

Excellent by ALAN JULIAN on 30/06/2023


Shower Filter Review by Jean Bavister on 20/06/2023

Very good product especially for showers with little pressure

Shower Filter Review by Peter P on 15/06/2023

Amazed! Suffer from sensitive tight and irritated skin so thought I would try this to see if it helped. Within a couple of days the red itchy patches have gone and I no longer feel itchy after a shower. Product also looks great on the shower...very in keeping.

Shower Filter Review by Polly Dixon on 08/06/2023

Very easy to fit. My skin doesn't feel dry and tight anymore, my hair feels softer and the shower isn't covered in limescale marks. I'm very pleased!

Great feel, quick delivery by JP on 07/06/2023

The water flow is great on this showerhead, feels soft but powerful. It's hard to tell if the beads are effective as I'm not doing any test but I trust that it's better than straight tap water.

Shower Filter Review by Richard Edwards on 03/06/2023

Very quick free delivery.

Great product by Jamie on 01/06/2023

It's smaller than I thought and fits fine without the attachment, I bought this and the shower head and hose for double filtration and after the first wash I've noticed a difference my skin and hair feels softer and I don't feel the need to use cream because my skins not dry :)

Bath Filter Review by Jill on 01/06/2023

Seems a good product, well made and easy to attach. I unhook it to hold under my basin tap too when I want a quick wash. I think I am less itchy already. Great service as always from pureshowers.

Shower Filter Review by Christine Waterman on 30/05/2023

Very good

felt the results almost immediately by Mandy Roscher on 29/05/2023

I have used this product for over two years and love it! I felt the results almost immediately.

my hair has literally stopped breaking by Sasha on 29/05/2023

great easy to handle product: my hair has literally stopped breaking ever since i started using the shower filter head

helps greatly with my sensitive skin by Theresa Chamberlain on 26/05/2023

Brilliant product, helps greatly with my sensitive skin, have been using for a few years now and can definitely tell when I need to replace it.

A wonderful filter. by Adrianna on 26/05/2023

A wonderful filter. I always had a problem with skin. I had a really bad rush on my back but after a 3 weeks of using this filter all skin problem gone. My skin is very smooth and sensitive. I highly recommend this product.

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Bond on 25/05/2023

Although I live in a soft water area in the Lake District I found my skin dry shortly after moving here. Perhaps the pipes are old. So I bought a filter and since my skin is normal. Easy to fit filter and replacements. is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 1964 user reviews.