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Shower Filter Review by Terence Rymer on 02/05/2023

Turns an ordinary shower to a brilliant shower plus saves money and water wish we had one years ago

Shower Filter Review by Lilian on 30/04/2023

I have wasted a lot of money on a good shower filter with no luck, but this filter really works. It is felt on the body and hair. It is now difficult to stop showering

Shower Filter Review by NikkiB on 27/04/2023

Easy to install , customer service excellent, very responsive and most importantly my son’s eczema cleared in a couple of days after years and years of struggling to keep under control- amazing!

Shower Filter Review by Kay on 21/04/2023

Been using this filter for several years..Does what it says. Reliable company to order from with good customer service.

Shower Filter Review by Olga on 16/04/2023

I'm happy with my showerfilter but I wish could last longer it is for me only 6 months ** Reply from Customer Support ** you could try 'back flushing' the cartridge by flipping it in the opposite direction every couple of months. This will make it last longer.

Great by Tracy Wiles on 12/04/2023

Easy to fit, softens the water. Less limescale.

Shower Filter Review by John Brown on 10/04/2023

We are very pleased with the filter. We only have a gravity shower, and the filter does restrict the flow slightly, but its benefits outweigh that. Soap and shampoo lather beautifully, and our scalps are now itch-free. A friend is already intent on buying one after hearing of our experience.

Shower Filter Review by Barbara Langton on 08/04/2023

Very prompt service.

Shower Filter Review by tom peachey on 08/04/2023

was ok but i cant stop a slight leak on the centre seal no problem it just drips into the shower ** Reply from Cust. Serv. ** Centre seal can move out of place during transport. Have emailed you instructions to fix. Thanks for your review.

Shower Filter Review by Marie Hedenberg on 07/04/2023

very good

Shower Filter Review by John Paul Brennan on 06/04/2023

Very easy to install and worked perfectly.

Great for eczema by Lenka Shantz on 06/04/2023

I and my kids have eczema and when we use these it almost disappears! Also my hair feels nicer.

Skin is not so dry by John Beekman on 03/04/2023

My skin is not so dry and flaky after a shower.

Shower Filter Review by Terence Goodhead on 02/04/2023

Product packaged well and delivered on time . Impressive showerhead features. Works well

Very good by Gina Hodkinson on 28/03/2023

Very good does what it says it will do

Great for Hair and Skin by Codo on 27/03/2023

Excellent Filter. Wish it lasted longer (3 months) but I live in a hard water area so to be expected.

Shower Filter Review by Pernille Anthony Pedersen on 25/03/2023

No problems at all, smooth experience with ordering and delivery and the product looks like good quality

Very good product by hadi naimi tabrizi on 24/03/2023

Very good product

Shower Filter Review by David Brown on 21/03/2023


Shower Filter Review by Christopher on 14/03/2023

I thought this shower head was really worth the money. It looks great, it’s easy to hold while using and you just flick the plastic switch to change through the 3 settings. For water quality I don’t know if there’s a difference but either way I’m enjoying the new shower head.

Shower Filter Review by VINCENT NTAH on 13/03/2023

Works fine

Well made product by Bob Condie on 12/03/2023

Well made product - fitted easily - love the switch for changing spray pattern

I'm completely satisfied. by Katarina on 10/03/2023

Everything worked well and I'm completely satisfied.

Shower Filter Review by Angela Spence on 05/03/2023

Really enjoying the new shower from Pure Showers. Makes a world of difference

Shower Filter Review by michael acott on 04/03/2023

The delivery time was not the fastest on the planet but it did arrive. I will be happy to use this company again.

Bath Filter Review by Lucy Smith on 02/03/2023

Probably need more time to review this properly (to see how it affects my skin over time, for example) but in the first instance have noticed the lack of chlorine smell, which is great. My main hope is the filter reduces the amount of bad stuff absorbed through the skin. Impossible to know, however, without scientific testing.

very good shower filter leaves hair shiny and soft and skin feeling clean healthy and very smooth and skin by Marie Davies on 28/02/2023

very fast delivery item was as described very pleased

Shower Filter Review by Paul Bailey on 27/02/2023


Easy to attach would recommend by rhonda ellard on 23/02/2023

Good product, works well and was good value for money.

Shower Filter Review by James Corbett on 21/02/2023

Excellent product and customer service

Great Improvement! by Steve on 20/02/2023

Very good upgrade to my shower, with the pressure increase being a great help. My shower pressure is very poor so this is definitely an improvement over the standard shower head, which was very weak. The smaller holes on the head are the reason for this. The 3 modes are very useful & the balls within the shower head itself have made a big difference to our shower experience. Being in a hard water area, the water feels so much softer & very relaxing. The item itself is well made & hopefully it will last for a long time.

Shower Filter Review by Guntis Upenieks on 16/02/2023

Very satisfied with the purchase and the water is softer. Thanks

Shower Filter Review by zara seear on 15/02/2023

A really good shower filter and you feel the difference after one shower. I recommend this as its simple to install and much better for skin.

Shower Filter Review by Robin Caspersz on 14/02/2023

I have rated this product as good as i live in a very hard water area and i suppose it's unlikely the water will be cleaned enough to become soft

Shower Filter Review by Malcolm Hollindrake on 13/02/2023

We are on a spring which has a high iron content. My wife's hair is much more manageable after fitting this.

Shower Filter Review by Jacqueline on 11/02/2023

Really good value for money. Water softer could tell by the amount of foam/suds produced. We have poor water pressure this shower head gives 2 choices and both improved force of spray.

Shower Filter Review by Graham Giles on 09/02/2023

good quality very pleased

5 star. by DENNIS JONES on 24/01/2023

Excellent service, good price. Seems like a good product. Time will tell,

Shower Filter Review by Gilly Vaulkhard on 20/01/2023

The Vitamin C Ionic shower filter is fabulous - so happy with hair protection results and the excellent jet stream from this lovely shower. Having usually used the insert tubes from Pure Showers, which are also beneficial I already know the Company is most trustworthy.

Shower Filter Review by pamela on 16/01/2023

Effective filter

Shower Filter Review by Pauline Stephenson on 16/01/2023

I suffer from Psoriasis and since using these filters I have fewer outbreaks and less itching.

Shower Filter Review by Marc on 11/01/2023

The filter was yellow after just one week, showing just how much impurities are contained within the water. The customer support was nulli secundus, I'll be happy to spend my hard earned here again. Ta!

Shower Filter Review by sofia on 09/01/2023

just what you need for London hard water, noticed a big difference with my skin and overall health. I use filter in bathroom sink tap and one on kitchen tap to.

Shower Filter Review by Claudia N on 03/01/2023

Since I've been using the filter, my daughter's eczema has not flared up. I am very happy that I found it.

Shower Replacement Filter by Eliane Lima on 01/01/2023

Replacement not so easy to do but we succeed. Happy with a new filter.

Shower Filter Review by Roy Simpson on 29/12/2022

Excellent product

the water is soft now... by Sabrina Chan on 26/12/2022

the water is soft now. nice and the handle and the design are good.

Good quality shower head. Gives confidence of a good product. by Eric Lee on 12/11/2022

Pleased with shower. Heavy shower head needs a sturdy holder/fitment. (Would have purchased yours but unfortunately sold out at the time)

Shower Filter Review by Derek Bray on 12/11/2022

Fine so far

Shower Filter Review by Timothy on 12/11/2022

Seems to function well so far after about 3 weeks of use.

Shower Filter Review by Ahmed Abdelmageed on 10/11/2022

very good Helps with dandruff. is ranked 4.75 out of 5. Based on 1891 user reviews.