shower filter benefits

shower filters - the benefits to you and your family

The benefits of having a shower filter in your shower are numerous. We have tried to explain the primary ones that you will find useful in every day life. Below are listed various benefits that you and your family will discover after installing a Pure Showers Shower Water Filter System.
Enjoying Shower Filter
Healthy Hair

Because the shower head filter removes the harsh chemicals that irritate the scalp and skin. Natural oils are left in the scalp and skin which contributes to natural softness and healthier skin and hair. Tinted and coloured hair also find that the colour remains bright and vibrant for a longer period of time because of the removal of chlorine, which acts as an oxidiser of the colour in your hair.

Healthy Skin

Chemicals and the hardness of water causes dry and irritated skin. British Water state in a fact sheet that, "Softened water is also known to have a calming, soothing effect on skin problems, including psoriasis.." The fact sheet continues to state, "..recent research by a leading UK dermatologist identified a strong link between hard water and childhood eczema".If we have young children or babies we can install a shower filter to protect their sensative skin.

Reduce Chlorine

Chlorine, commonly used in public water systems, is easily absorbed into our pores when we shower. As we breath we also inhale chlorine and other chemicals found in the shower water mist! Chlorine can cause, and worsens, skin irritations and rashes. Chlorine can even irritate eyes leaving them red, itchy and burning. People can receive MORE exposure to chlorine and other chemicals during a shower than by drinking the same water! This is why it is important to install a shower filter. For further information please take a look at our chlorine shower filter page.

Stop Itchy Scalp

If you are suffering from itchy scalp and horrible dandruff it could be caused by all of the various contaminants in your shower water. Imagine the scale that is on your shower screen and on your taps clinging to your scalp as well. Having a shower filter will reduce all of those nasties and leave your scalp less irritated.

Stop Scale

The tap water in the UK is extremely hard with many minerals and other contaminants that are not removed during the water decontamination process at water treatment plants. This is why you get a build up of white substance on your shower screens and around your shower heads. Hard water also contributes to soap scum in your shower, this is because with hard water it is more difficult for your cleaning products to lather. Shower filters soften the shower water that you bath in, which in turn means your showers are more pure but also you will need less soaps. Softening the water in your shower will mean that you will need to clean it less as well, as there will be less soap scum and scale build up.

Bacteria Reduction

Our shower filters also reduce bacterial contaminants within your showering water. Many of us would never drink tap water and prefer to filter our own water or drink bottled water. As tap water may contain dangerous micro bacterial contaminants that could cause our family ill health. Installing a shower filter is akin to filtering your tap water, by removing bacterial contaminants. We wouldn't drink unfiltered tap water so why would we risk showering in so much unfiltered water every day?

High Capacity

Some major companies have made shower filters purely out of carbon block, which clog very quickly (just as you'd change your drinking water filter every month - these carbon block shower filters should be changed monthly). Our shower filter systems are made for low and high pressured water systems, so if you won't be losing any pressure in your power showers.

Patented Tech

Our shower filter systems use the latest in water filtration technology. They are independently certified and tested by international health organisations such as the NSF. The products themselves are internationally patented and offer the highest of quality, design and development.

Easy to install

Both types of shower filters are very easy to install. You can fit them into virtually all shower set-ups. If you have a steel shower hose, you can most certainly install both types of shower water filters without any worries. If you have an existing shower sprout the Pure Showers shower filter adaptor will easily install between the sprout and existing shower head. For further details and pictures of how easy it is to install the systems, please see individual products pages.